TEEPACK has a worldwide reputation as a specialist for first-class bag packaging machines for tea and other foodstuffs. Since the company was founded in 1948, we have delivered more than 3,000 bag packaging machines to more than 50 countries. Our machines are of the highest quality, so that many first generation machines are still in use today.

TEEPACK's success story begins with the invention of the double chamber tea bag. Highlight of the new bag: The tea is flushed through the two chambers over a larger area so that the aroma can unfold optimally.

With the CONSTANTA – the world's first packaging machine for double chamber tea bags – TEEPACK launched a machine already in 1949 that was able to produce a remarkable amount of 120 double chamber tea bags per minute.

One of TEEPACK's latest machine systems, the ZENOBIA vertical form, fill and seal machine, can be used in almost all industries with practically unlimited variability. Whether pasta, rice, cereals, coffee or non-food products – the ZENOBIA offers the right packaging solution that protects the valuable contents and presents them in a high-quality and sustainable way.

As a worldwide leader in technology and innovation, we develop and test industry- and product-specific packaging solutions and work on improvements and patented solutions. TEEPACK's innovative strength lies precisely here: in tailor-made packaging solutions that are designed to suit the product and customer requirements.

All TEEPACK machines are highly efficient and durable packaging machines that are individually tailored to the customer's needs. 100 percent made in Germany – from the smallest part to the entire system, everything is manufactured exclusively in Germany. All together supports the sustainable success of our customers – today and in the future!