Expect no less than a broader range of possibilities: with its vertical, form, fill and seal machine ZENOBIA, TEEPACK sets new standards. Whether it’s tea, coffee, rice, pasta, cereals or pulses – ZENOBIA packs lumpy, granular or powdery products quickly, reliably and in high quality. The sheer flexibility makes ZENOBIA by TEEPACK the optimum vertical, form, fill and seal machine for any brand and market.


The ZENOBIA offers multiple packaging options for pasta including block-bottom bags with gable top, folded top with reusable tags and clip bags – ZENOBIA produces all established types of pasta bags.


From boil-in-bags to block bottom bags with folded top, you can produce all standard bag types with high-speed efficiency – all on a single machine.


The most important requirement when packaging coffee is preserving the precious aroma over a long period of time. The ZENOBIA guarantees absolutely airtight bags packaged in a protective packaging environment (CO2 <1%) with an aroma protection valve applied with the latest ultrasonic technology.


In addition to the common packaging options for loose tea, we also offer a premium nylon tea bag that differentiates your product at point-of-sale and promises an enjoyable experience for your customers.


This is where high speed and flexibility counts. The ZENOBIA is precisely designed for the packaging of legumes. With high efficiency and compact bags in all standard formats.


Whether cornflakes or traditional muesli with dried fruit – and including bag-in-box packaging of cereals – ZENOBIA offers a complete production process from a single source.


As different as salt and sugar may be, filling processes for both requires fine precision, speed, reliability and robustness. The vertical form, fill & seal machine ZENOBIA packages stable block-bottom bags reliably and pre- cisely – whether salt, granulated sugar, sugar cubes, rock sugar or powdered sugar.


To stand out from the competition, just add edge sealing or another special feature to your easy-open bags – custom-tailored to your product. ZENOBIA by TEEPACK makes practically everything possible. Even for casted goods, it can be optimally incorporated in the line production, thus eliminating the need for interim storage of the products. Rather they are packaged in a single working cycle on the casting line – with corresponding time savings.

For sweets that are susceptible to fractures, such as cookies, ZENOBIA offers a specialty: moving horizontal sealing jaws reduce the impact force. The more refined your product is, the more we’re tickled to optimize your production process with a ZENOBIA.


Chips, nuts, pretzel sticks and the like appeal to customers not just by their various shapes and flavours – the packaging is also vitally important. Luckily, the vertical, form, fill and seal machine ZENOBIA offers a host of packing variants to choose from, including the ideal solution for your product. To ensure that taste and aroma are optimally protected and last a long time, ZENOBIA meets all preconditions for a tight sealing. Even after an initial opening, the aroma is still preserved – thanks to a resealable package.