The vertical form, fill and seal machine ZENOBIA from TEEPACK not only is an utterly flexible packaging genius. With an output of up to 200 bags per minute, it also sets new standards in efficiency and ensures top-quality products. This is achieved by the technological components and the mechanical production processes which have been co-ordinated by our engineers in every detail – even for the basic ZENOBIA model.

More efficient, more flexible… and markedly user-friendly

Machine down times during a film reel change are unknown to ZENOBIA because that’s done by the automatic rollsplicer without disrupting production. The splice can be done between changing the reels which greatly improves efficiency. That’s how you avoid down times and increase efficiency all at once.

The same applies to the extremely quick and user-friendly change of format which won’t take longer than 15 to 20 minutes – all the operator has to do is release two clamping levers in the longitudinal sealing unit. Thanks to computer-controlled recipe management, the defined sealing times, temperatures and machine cycles are assigned to any desired bag format. In case of a format change, all data are immediately available which ensures a seamless production. PC-based machine control via touchscreen enables simple operation while fault signals are rapidly resolved thanks to online diagnostics.

Process-reliable and low-maintenance

The active film unwinding with controlled drive and dancer system ensures a steady slip-free film guidance. The consistent film carrier unit and the film tracking control allow for ultrasonic-controlled, non-stop and exact film guidance with consistent longitudinal sealing for optimized bag quality. The position of the film can therefore be corrected automatically while processing.

Process-secure machine operations are supported by electronically controlled servo drives and the TEEPACK software: after an initial base data input, it automatically calculates the optimized parameters for each format. Automatic data retention allows for quick format changes at short notice with minimal set-up time. The clear and concise user interface, customer-friendly programming, touchscreen and industrial PC further facilitate operating ZENOBIA. The machine-integrated electric cabinet is air-conditioned, and in order to ensure continued high performance, the servo drives of the main drives are additionally water-cooled.

Sealing systems

ZENOBIA also offers you several options for sealing systems: Impulse sealing enables sealed seams with Mono-PE films, heat sealing is suited for composite films, and ultrasonic sealing for heat-sealable films is fast and clean: product residues are simply pushed away from the seal area.

Premium packaging goes together with ultrasonic four-edge sealing where both the cross seams as well as the longitudinal seams of the filled bags are sealed by ultrasonic. It’s a non-contact sealing technology which requires no heat – in contrast to the heat-sealing method – and manages to produce particularly precise sealing seams for high-value packaging results. This is valid for both food and non-food industries. ZENOBIA accomplishes up to 100 four-edge sealed bags per minute in a continuous process. This ensures a high-quality, brand-oriented product presentation and improved stability. The longitudinal seam can be placed in a sealing edge, thus enlarging the printable area.

Because the correct dosage matters

ZENOBIA accepts all commonplace dosing techniques which means you’ll get cutting-edge flexibility and optimum performance when processing the most diverse products.

Volumetric cup fillers offer an optimum solution when it comes to volumetrically packaging free-flowing, chunky or granular products. The technique also is characterized by an easy cup change system which lets you adapt it to the desired volume in no time at all.

The exact dosing of powdery and fine-grained products is achieved and ensured by auger dosing – with milligram precision, thanks to the infinitely adjustable screw speed.

And with the multi-head weighing system, even gravimetric dosing is possible.

Automatic rollsplicer The rollsplicer allows film reel changes during production, without flash and in rapport length. Your advantage: no more machine down times and maximum efficiency.

Printing systems

Of course, ZENOBIA perfectly corresponds with all current thermotransfer, inkjet and laser printers which allows printing all kinds of special information, such as date of packaging and bar codes.

Film dimensions
Foil width max. 650 mm
Foil roll diameter max. 550 mm
Inner roll core diameter 76-152 (3"-6") mm
Nominal output
Pillow Bag 200 bags per minute
Block Bottom Bag Gable Top 130 bags per minute
Block Bottom Bag Folded Top 100 bags per minute
Air Free Bag 100 bags per minute
Connection data
Mains connection 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph, N/PE
Air Pressure (min.) 6 bar
Protection class IP54
Machine colour Stainless steel V2A

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