With ZENOBIA, TEEPACK introduces a vertical form, fill & seal machine that’s designed for maximum performance and can be used in almost all areas of bag packaging. With an output of up to 200 bags per minute, it sets new standards in efficiency and flexibility to ensure the economic use of your means of production.


ZENOBIA’s patented Air-Free system performs multiple tasks simultaneously: It takes just one processing step to close the tubular bag, compress the product as necessary and press all excess air out of the bag. One of the many advantages: the Air-Free system which manages up to 100 air-free bags per minute, replaces a space-consuming additional machine, avoids wasting packaging material and helps you save.



This is how Air-Free works

Before the bag is closed, it is kept in its shape by two steering plates (1) and the servo-driven lifter (2). The latter lifts the bag underneath the folding plates (3) and folds the still-warm bottom seam to the bottom of the bag – thanks to the defined shift, the seam remains in its exact position even when cooled off. With the bag lifted up, the side folders can precisely fold the foil directly over the product. Vibrating steering plates can further condense the filling material. The cross seal jaws (4) close simultaneously, seal the top seam and ensure an air-reduced bag.

Advantages of the Air-Free system

  • higher bag rigidity – due to the defined shift of the bottom seam
  • consistent quality of air-reduced bags – thanks to process-integrated filling height adjustment

  • easy gassing possibility – because the bag is sealed in the machine
  • significant savings on packaging material – thanks to a minimal bag fin and the top seam being sealed directly above filling level
  • gentle product densification – thanks to optionally activated vibration impulses during the packaging process


The compact folding machine FM260 ensures fast and efficient operations and flexibly adapts to the required formats.

The air-reduced bag, sealed with the help of the Air-Free System and dimensionally stable, is transferred immediately after the filling process to the conveyor belt of ZENOBIA’s integrated and fully automatic pleating and labelling machine FM260. This adds considerably to ZENOBIA’s extreme efficiency. All measuring data of the density control system are also transmitted to the FM260 via an electronic coupling.

Since the folding unit is synchronised with the conveyor belt, the bag stands practically idle in the machine – a basic prerequisite for exact labelling. Once the bag fin is properly aligned, it gets folded and is finally fixated with a resealable tag. Fluctuations to the height of the bag are compensated by an automatic height adjustment of the folding devices.

Format changes are done without mechanical exchange components. All movements are performed via servo drives and spindles, and all settings can be saved in a recipe, ready to be retrieved for a format change. As you can see, in a ZENOBIA by TEEPACK continuous operation and automated folding processes are optimally interlinked.


Oxygen-sensitive products require special protection. The optional gassing system ensures just that by automatically supplying nitrogen or noble gases during the packaging process. Your advantage: It supports highest product quality and a long shelf life – negative environmental impacts are literally excluded.


ZENOBIA’s valve application allows attaching up to 100 aroma valves or relief valves per minute to the flat, unshaped film web via ultrasonic technology. The advantage is obvious: the aroma-seal valves prevent oxygen from acting upon your product while letting emitted gases escape. Thus, the package stays in its defined shape because emitted gases can no longer put them under pressure.

The modular Label Application Station also adds to ZENOBIA’s various possibilities: This module enables you to label up to 80 bags per minute using a high-quality cardboard label in miniature formats from 80 to 180 millimeters. These are sealed (e.g. PREMIUM BAGS made of nylon) with the help of ultrasonic technology.

The integration of a labeling device for the perfect placement of the label is possible at several places in the process. The labeling device is controlled over the ZENOBIA control touchscreen. This guarantees a synchronised production and labeling speed.

The vaccuum transport belts can also be driven by an integrated and digitally controlled vaccuum pump.

To avoid electrostatic problems, different ionisation systems are available to be integrated into the film carrier or the cross seals. This ensures that the filling material does not stick on the statically loaded film and will not generate leaks in the sealings.

Printed films need to be exactly steered by optical print-mark regulation. Transparent films without print-marks are optionally controlled by a rotary encoder.

From simple round holes to three-holes and the Euro hole, all options are available. Customer specific variations are also possible.